Clearing the Cache

“Camping” During COVID

I love Jenni’s imaginative solutions to life’s curveballs. For as long as I’ve known her, she doesn’t let things hold her down from living. It’s one of her traits that I admire the most.

We daydreamed about what to do for Memorial Day weekend to keep the kids active and motivated. With recommendations to stay at home still active in our county, we took the approach to “camp” at home. And it had several advantages over real camping, namely, being able to sleep well in our own beds.

We used the new screen shelter from REI we got around Mother’s Day. I took some measurements and we found that it fit in our living room. Barely. We set up our sleeping pads, sleeping bags, LED lantern, and chair inside to simulate our camping tent. Bruce built a makeshift fire inside the tent with a LED flickering candle, colored tissue paper, and empty toilet paper rolls. He even created matches out of cardboard.

And if you have a campfire, you have to enjoy some s’mores.

We visited Jenni’s brother Cory to spend some time in their large yard and see their goats. The kids enjoyed feeding the goats and exploring the area while we barbecued dinner. Just like camping, we got to spend time outdoors instead of in front of screens. It was nice to be unplugged.