Straight to True North

Happily Sixteen Years After

Like last year, we’re still navigating through a pandemic, but with the proper precautions, we were able to leave the kids with Cory and Arianne for one night, then Jenni’s parents for the following night. Thanks to their generosity, we were able to spend our anniversary alone to adventure, dream, and recharge.

After we dropped the kids off at Cory and Arianne’s house, we drove from Battle Ground, Washington, to just past Mount Hood. Trillium Lake is a beautiful spot that we’ve never visited and I hoped to capture an image of its still waters with the mountain as a backdrop.

The weather was cloudy as we approached, but it wasn’t going to rain like the next day. When we arrived at the trailhead, I was confused because Google Maps still said we were 12 minutes away from our destination. There was a gate blocking the road because it was snowed in.

The parking lot at the trailhead entrance had several cars parked, so we decided to hike the remaining distance. However, we weren’t prepared to hike in snow with my hiking shoes and Jenni’s sneakers, which humorously echoed our misadventures in previous anniversaries where we weren’t properly equipped.

What I had imagined to be a short hike to the lake turned out to be a four-mile round trip climbing snow-covered hills. Our knees, ankles, and hips were quite sore by the time we returned to the van—but the view, the view made it worth it. Neither of us had ever seen a frozen lake before.

As we stayed in the icy stillness and beauty, we’re both thankful for the adventures we’ve been on together. God has been and will continue to be amazing in what He provides in our lives. We don’t have to look very far for His hand on our lives, but we enjoy celebrating milestones where we can see how wide, how long, how high, and how deep God’s love is.