Saddle Mountain Hike

We asked our realtor where his favorite hike was, and he named Saddle Mountain. Then our friend Leah mentioned she was going to climb Saddle Mountain the coming weekend, we joined her for the ascent.

Saddle Mountain is a difficult hike up about 1,600 feet in elevation, often with trails of loose rocks and steep paths. We arrived around 7:40am after driving up 7 miles from Highway 26. At the top, we were at 3,290 feet in elevation. We could see several mountaintops and marveled over the clouds below.

At first, I don’t think I’d ever want to do this hike again because the top was so windy so the reward wasn’t as satisfying as say, a waterfall. However, after seeing some other photos taken from the summit, perhaps I could be convinced to do it again so I could photograph a sea of clouds passing by.