Clearing the Cache

Twenty Twenty One in Photos

As we lit fireworks after midnight, I found myself mixed with emotions. I regard myself as aggressively balanced, so it surprised me to feel both deep sadness and hopeful expectation as twenty twenty-two began. It only became clear after looking back at twenty twenty-one in photos that I realized what I’ll be missing and be thankful for.

I continued to work from home for most of 2021. Having my work computer allowed me to have a personal gaming station after Jenni took over the main computer downstairs for video projects. I played a lot of Rainbow Six Siege in 2021.

I’m grateful for Vernier to allow me to work from home during the pandemic. Though I returned to the office for a few months before the kids started public school in the fall, being able to take the girls to the school bus in the mornings and having lunch with Bruce is a privilege I’ll miss when I go back to the office.
We started our search for a new house shortly after my birthday. We didn’t know that the housing market was going to be crazy this year and we suspended our search in August after most of the prospects were out of our price range or didn’t meet our needs. It’s uncertain if we’ll continue to search for a house in 2022.
One of our gerbils died the day when we were on our way home from California. We discovered her after we returned home from their babysitters. We were so excited to see them again. We will miss Pearl and grateful for all the cuteness she brought to our lives in the year we had her.

Through it all, Jenni and I have stood on God’s promises to lead us in uncertain and divisive times. We pray for peace and reconciliation for our country so we can come together and solve problems rather than tear each other apart.

The world has gotten bigger and smaller this year. Due to the pandemic, I’ve read more news than I ever have before and it paints a dystopian view of the world that only God’s hope can help keep me from despairing.

Isolating due to the pandemic has drawn me closer to my immediate family. I’ve enjoyed working from home and getting more time with my kids as they all approach the often-dreaded teenage years.

In this coming year, I’m looking to take what twenty twenty-one has taught me and contribute positive things in the world through worship, art, and service. And not waste the life that God has given me, but to savor and cherish it. Happy new year everyone!