Clearing the Cache

COVID Positives and Negatives

Two weeks ago, Kadie came home feeling unwell after school and she developed a fever that evening. We tested her for COVID and the test showed negative. We had a low-key weekend as she recovered, and when Monday came around, her second test revealed a positive result.

I’m impressed that we’ve survived this long in public school without an infection. I’m grateful for masks, vaccines, and social distancing measures. I had felt doomed at the beginning of the school year when I got at least one message a week about a COVID case in each of the girls’ schools. But when I considered how many students were at each of their schools, the rate of infection was small and manageable.

But it all changed with the omicron variant. The cases climbed at rate that I hadn’t seen before. Our neighborhood school went to remote learning for a week to help slow the spread. The kids ballet classes were empty with students out sick.

Thankfully, the omicron variant is less severe in symptoms. Especially for those fully vaccinated.

For Kadie, she had a slight cough and a fever. After a few days, Jenni and I experienced similar cold symptoms without the fever. Jenni struggled with fatigue and body aches. Bruce and Violet were not affected, thanks to masking and social distancing.

Jenni and I chose not to isolate away from each other, so it wasn’t surprising that we were infected. While it may have been more convenient if we were not sick at the same time, with the KN95 masks, we were able to cook meals so that the kids could have food to eat. We would bring meals to our bedroom to eat.

We had compassionate friends and family go shopping and bring us food. The quarantine was much easier than for many because of them. Jenni and I caught up on a few movies, finished the first season of Daredevil, and I played a lot of hours of Steamworld Heist.

Also convenient was that the girls were able to do some school from home. Bruce had the first week off between semesters for Baker Web Academy. All of the kids were wonderful in looking after each other, doing their chores, and kept their spirits up. And they got extended video game sessions.

Jenni and I didn’t take a COVID test until a week and a half after Kadie tested positive. Once Kadie had a positive test, we were all going to be quarantined, so I didn’t want to use a test that didn’t change our circumstances. COVID tests were out of stock everywhere after the holidays and we had a limited supply left.

When Bruce’s school break ended, Jenni and I took a test. We were both still positive. While the girls have gone back to school with KN95 masks, Jenni and I are still isolating whenever possible. I’m hopeful that we’ll be clear by the beginning of next week.

I’m grateful that COVID was only a minor inconvenience for our family. It paused our family’s routines for a week. While it’s not the way I would’ve preferred to start the year, God is good and took care of us.

Our family’s self-isolation gave me a glimpse of the coming season when our kids no longer need our attention most of the day. It felt odd to not be physically close to our children, listening to their stories throughout the day, and share small moments throughout the day.

It was a quiet whisper from my Father above to not take my current season for granted.