Clearing the Cache

Happy 2nd Birthday Rosie!

From David

You make us smile every day. We love it when you climb up your bridge and come up to get a view of the living room. Your fur is so soft and your nose is always looking for a treat in our hands.

You’re a clever one. When we hand you a stalk of millet, you skip past all of the seeds and bite off the stem so you can grab the full cluster before we can take it away.

From Violet

You are a gift from God and the most adorable little fluff ever, You wink and lick your lips and squeak, melting the hearts of all who see. Whenever you eat banana no one can keep the awws in as you devour the sweet treat.

Thank you for the joy you’ve given me band I hope you enjoyed your birthday cake (you better because I spent 10 minutes on it).