The Knoll and God’s Thumb Hike

On our last day in Lincoln City, the forecast was cloudy all day. I didn’t feel like I had gotten all of the photos and videos I wanted to capture yet, so I hiked when the skies cleared in the afternoon.

In the morning, I had seen a few peaks from the third floor of our beach house. I looked it up on Google Maps and found it amusing that one of them was named “God’s Thumb.” But upon looking at its shape, it made sense.

God’s Thumb is the round peak third from the left.

I misread the distance and thought that God’s Thumb was too far to reach for my afternoon hike. So I opted for The Knoll close by. Our rental house was on 58th and Logan Road, just across from the Road’s End State Recreation Site. But The Knoll’s view wasn’t enough and I surprised myself by hiking to God’s Thumb by accident.

The total distance from the trailhead to God’s Thumb was about 3 miles. But the first half mile is three hundred feet of elevation gain.

I initially drove up Logan Road to its end, thinking there was a trail head. But it was just a dead end to a residence. So I turned around and drove up Sal La Sea Drive to the Knoll trailhead number 2.

Since I didn’t do my homework properly, I hiked to the Knoll quicker than I thought and as I headed north to find the next viewpoint, I eventually ended up at God’s Thumb unintentionally.

But I’m glad I did. The hike wasn’t too hard or far and I was able to escape the ocean winds to get several great photos and videos of God’s Thumb.

Funnier still, when I texted Jenni where I made it to God’s Thumb, she replied that my family was waving at me from the beach.

I didn’t capture them waving at me, but I’m pretty sure this is my family playing at the beach.

Violet and Bruce had built a hole with a rock wall to shield from the winds. It helped me identify them in the crowd at the beach.
After I returned back, I took a selfie to show how far God’s Thumb appears from my family’s viewpoint.

I’m so glad it worked out for me to take a hike to God’s Thumb. The hike was easier than I originally thought and I captured some of my best drone videos so far.

I hope to take the rest of my family there someday, possibly for an epic sunset.