Bridge Pedal with Bruce and Bubbles

After watching last year’s Bridge Pedal video I created, Bruce showed interest in joining in. He’s my only child interested in biking and enjoys a good challenge.

While I was climbing the Fremont Bridge last year, I saw someone’s bike with a machine releasing bubbles into the air. It inspired me to try it myself. I purchased a USB-powered bubble machine recommended and received many thanks and gleeful cheers.

We did the family ride that included 6 bridges for 13 miles. I originally hoped for the main ride with 8 bridges for 20 miles, but didn’t want to overextend Bruce on his first ride. He moved up a bike size this summer so he was still getting acquainted with his new wheels.

I also planned on taking him on more rides before the bridge pedal to prepare him for the two longer climbs across the Fremont and Marquam bridges. We did a loop around the Sellwood and waterfront areas as well as riding to the LEGO store from our house, but both rides were relatively flat. But, as I should have expected, his young legs handled the climbs without a problem and likely recovered faster than I did.