Clearing the Cache

Merry Christmas, Peanuts-Style!

One of our traditions around the holidays are to watch the Garfield and Charlie Brown holiday cartoons. All of the Garfields have fun stories and songs and the Charlie Browns are, well, good grief.

But at least the Peanuts gang inspired me to illustrate my family in Charles Schulz’s style for our Christmas card. For a simple and iconic style, finding the features that distinguishes each of us was a fun challenge.

I found a video tutorial from Apple after searching for drawing peanuts style.

And I used a few images as a template to get ideas of how to translate characteristics. I found the poster frame from the video above as my main source of reference.

Besides my family, I also drew up my parents and neighbors. I got better at keeping things simple as I went along with each piece.

It’s been fun revisiting my childhood hobby of drawing cartoons and putting some use the drawing tablet I purchased during the pandemic.

The afternoon of Christmas eve, we attended Beaverton Foursquare’s annual candlelight service. It’s a great time to celebrate the birth of Christ and reflect on how many years I’ve walked with him.

As for Christmas day itself, we slept in, and opened presents before driving out for the day. The roads had mostly cleared of the ice and snow, so we were able to see both sets of parents. We ate, we talked, we shared presents, and we laughed.

Merry Christmas from our gerbil Rosie.