Picture This

Marvel United: Guardians of the Galaxy Remix

Jenni and I enjoyed the third Guardians of the Galaxy movie and naturally wanted to add these fun heroes to Marvel United. But the retail set didn’t include Gamora, so I went to eBay to find someone who owned the kickstarter edition that included Gamora.

For this set of miniature figures:

  • Star-Lord: Painted by David
  • Gamora: Painted by Violet
  • Rocket Racoon: Painted by Bruce
  • Groot: Painted by Kadie
  • Ronan: Painted by Kadie

We’ve enjoyed the game so much that we joined the third season Kickstarter campaign. So many of our favorite MCU heroes are in the first season promo box that we backed the current campaign so we could add it to the purchase.

It’s been a blast painting these miniatures and looking forward to the next set.