Hopscotch in Living Color

The blinding and colorful lights. The bass-bumping music visualizers. The trampoline that blossomed color through movement. The rainbow ball pit.

Hopscotch, an immersive art experience, overloaded our eyes with color and lights and the interactivity inspired the giddy child inside to play.

Here were our favorite exhibits that gave us a rainbow connection.

Quantum Trampoline

After purchasing the tickets, the next step was to fill out a waiver. It didn’t occur to me to read why we were signing it until the day before we visited. I learned that a trampoline was part of the experience.

The photos I saw online didn’t showcase the fun nature of this unique trampoline. But we rushed off our shoes once we saw it.

We jumped, swirled, danced, and bounced around to colorful patterns reacting to our actions. It was like being Mickey in Fantasia.

Diodic Daydream Ball Pit

The kids don’t remember the last time we played in a ball pit. Let alone their mom and dad joining them. I couldn’t remember either, but we’ve never sunken into a ball pit this colorful.

Unknown Atmospheres

The three-dimensional grid of lights warped us into lightspeed, shimmered like holiday lights, and flashed moods by colorful patterns.

A Full Spectrum

Beyond our favorites, our kids graffitied a wall, danced their own music video, travelled to parallel dimensions, and were stunned by medusa’s snakes.

Share the Sparkle

The tween and teens weren’t initially excited about an interactive art exhibit for their day off from school. Hopscotch was a fun experience for all of us and we look forward to bringing visitors and friends along next time.