Dance From the Center

BridgeTown Swing 2006

“Here’s my new favorite name to say: Jenn-e-lynn Lim,” – Grace Killelea, BridgeTown 2006 M.C.

Strictly Swing Lower with the Red TiesLast year’s BridgeTown experience is a hard one to beat. Not to say that this year was plain or boring, but going in to BridgeTown 2006, I knew I could not expect a repeat of last year’s magic.

Clearing the Cache

Vernier’s 25th Anniversary

Sunriver sunsetThe company I work for celebrated its 25th anniversary this year. As part of that celebration, the whole company was invited to Sunriver, Oregon for a weekend of relaxing and socializing, all paid for by the company. Jenni and I received a luxurious second floor room at the Sunriver Resort with a vaulted ceiling, a cozy king-sized bed, and a porch with two rocking chairs. We didn’t stay in the room much since we looked forward to playing in the pools and hot tubs.