Daily Rice and Chicken

I’ve got a paper due and so I’m blogging

Remember the good old college days? Well, some of you are still in them or have yet to experience them. But what I’m writing about is writing papers; or rather the procrastination of writing them.

I have a paper due in my World View class tomorrow, and so what did I do today? I looked at my scrapbook and started writing names, comments and titles in it. Then I read a different assignment for another study I’m taking. Then I called my brother Cory. In college, I always did laundry, cleaned my entire apartment, and called or emailed Cory when I had a paper due. I guess today was no different. Funny thing is, when he started up college, he’d call me out of the blue just to talk. I used to think it was nice of him to call and see how I was doing. Then it hit me…”You have a paper due, don’t you!” He was using me! Well…I guess it’s ok ’cause I did it to him all the time.

So when I finished talking to him this afternoon, I called my youngest brother, Rex. He talked about going to see a movie with me sometime. If he lived next door, I would’ve said “How about right now?” But as fate would have it, he lives in Hazel Dell, Washington and I in Beaverton, Oregon. Shucks. Another day.

When I was done talking to Rex, I would’ve called my other brother Travis, but I don’t have a calling card so I can’t call long distance to Holland. Stimied! So I thought about doing my paper, but I decided a better investment of my time would be in fixing dinner, since company was coming.

Dinner came and went, we studied a bit for class together, and now they’re gone. Nothing for me to do now but my paper. Time for something sweet to snack on. Arg! There’s nothing sweet in this apartment because I’m allergic to sugar. Road-blocked again! Oh well, I guess I’ll do my paper.

Oh…it’s getting to be 9:30. Maybe I’ll go to bed now. Nevermind the fact that I usually get to be around midnight everynight. Tonight, I need my beauty sleep. So I can do my paper tomorrow! Yeah! That’s it! (I hope my teacher never visits this site.)