Dance From the Center


Jenni and I were asked to do a little west coast swing dance demo at a friend’s retirement dance party. We picked out a song today and practiced a little before the improv dance. We took my company camera, the Canon SD300, and recorded a short clip of one of our practice dances.

Practice Video 1

When I first heard of YouTube, I didn’t get what the big deal was about seeing video off the web. The same with Google Video. But it’s catching on like blogging did. I believe what got me into checking out YouTube was seeing clips of old cartoons on YouTube (illegally uploaded unfortunately), which allowed me to revisit cartoons I loved watching or seeing episodes I’ve missed.

But lately, what has caught my eye on YouTube is the appearance of some west coast swing videos. I think YouTube will provide a great platform to show what WCS is all about to the masses. And so here’s my little peep in the big world wide web.

Here are two more clips, one other practice session, then our performance.

Practice Video 2


Overall, we hit most of what we choreographed. I missed the hit at the end but I believe Jennilyn made up for that. While I don’t like seeing myself on video, watching videos of our dance has been an immense learning tool. Finally, I can see how terrible great something looks.

Gotta keep dancin’!