Daily Rice and Chicken

Oregon Zoo 2007

Here’s another movie of Rachel’s boys and our trip to the Oregon Zoo. We originally planned to hit the Children’s Museum, but the nice lady at the admission desk warned me that it’s really meant for toddlers through 7 year olds. Yikes. Good to know (Luke, Jesse, and Stephen are ages 8-11). So we walked across the parking lot and spent a fun afternoon at the zoo instead.

David was wonderful and pushed me around in a wheel chair for 3 hours. It really helped saved me from walking an inch a minute with a contracting tummy! We’ve decided not to look at the baboons too closely anymore (and not just because of their oddly colorful cheeks – both sets). The last time David and I were at the zoo, we were with his mom, and two baboons started… well, you know. And this time, one peed on a platform and was flinging it at us. I guess I, now, understand the monkeys from Madagascar who say, “If you have any poo, fling it now.”