You’ll Know When We Know

Well, what can I say? Baby is still happy and cozy inside me. And so I wait. It used to be that you weren’t considered overdue until after week 42. But these days, it seems people are very concerned when just a few days over my ESTIMATED due date have passed.

41 weeks pregnant

I am grateful for all the people excited for us, and for their calls to check on me. It’s been nice getting all this attention, really. But I’m starting to imagine some odd ball responses to the repeated questions: “Is the baby out yet?” and “What does the doctor say?” To the first, Rachel suggested I say, “My midwife is out of town till next month and so I’m holding out.” To the question “What does the doctor/midwife say?”, I might answer, “She says my blood pressure is really good! 106 over 70.” Or “My urine pH is normal. What else would you like to know?” Or “How was your last doctor visit? What did they say?” Hee hee. Okay, I’m getting a little obnoxious.

Well, I started writing this post two days ago, and now I’m feeling way more anti-social. If you are wondering if you’ve missed a call or a blog post about our baby, you haven’t. I’ve quit answering my phone at this point to keep from explaining the same things over and over again. I’ve been feeling pressured and discouraged, and that kind of stress can impede labor. So, with this blog post, I’m going to let it all go and enjoy a relaxing day with David, and trust that God knows the birth date of our baby, and every detail about him or her as the loving Creator He is.

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haha, I’ve been wondering too but I knew you’d let me know when the baby came so I haven’t called:) I’m glad to hear that you are fine and just resting until the big day!

I know the exact fellings you are having. Emily was 9 days overdue. I remember thinking when people asked me “haven’t you had the baby yet?” Ummm… NO or I would have told you “he” or “she” is here. I would have had a happy tone instead of the waiting for it to happen tone. I remember just feeling like I wanted to lay on the bed until the time had come. That there was no point in doing anything and getting up to do the same thing again just waiting. But then everyone reminds you that the baby won’t come unless you get up and move around and act like you aren’t waiting. But they aren’t the ones with the big old ball on your tummy. I also remember thinking….”oh was that a labor pain….nope….just the baby kicking.” I laughed reading your blog today because it reminded me of waiting for Emily. The not answering the phone, the not wanting to talk to anyone. All you want to do is have the baby so you can continue on with life, that you can see this wonderful thing and so you can start feeling better. Cleaning the house was all I could think of the last couple days. I want to be able to bend over and pick up the socks off the ground or be able to pee and get off the toilet easily. I am thinking of you and will just wait for the time to come. Good luck to you both.

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