Nine Months to this Moment

So we’re a little late (8 days, but who’s counting…), but here we go! Thank you all for well wishes and prayers! We’ll give you all an update as soon as we can!

I was pretty certain we’d have our baby last weekend, but it was nice relaxing with Jenni. We spent Saturday just chilling at home after her pregnancy massage. That evening, we played some video games with Clark and Mary remotely. God bless Hamachi!

Sunday, we did some laundry and visited Jenni’s parents in Battle Ground. It was nice to be at their peaceful place. They were so kind in letting us finish our laundry up there and cook us food.

Today, I was back at work with all my coworkers smirking and hopeful that I wouldn’t be there. Around 4:10pm, my cellphone blasted with a ringtone because I didn’t feel the vibrations.

Jenni spoke to me calmly and peacefully. Her contractions were getting closer, but she didn’t want to get too excited. When I left work, I made sure all the provisions were in place for while I’m away.

Growing up, I never thought that I’d be a great dad. I’ve still got quite a bit to learn =) But the Lord has been loving to slowly prepare me for this moment. I’ve found joy in playing with children, being at their level, discovering the world from their eyes, and enjoying their warmth in my hands.

Rachel, Jenni’s friend and doula, has been held hostage patiently waiting with us for the birth. We’ve been blessed by her and gotten a quick crash-course in taking care of a baby with her six-month old Naomi.

I’m not quite sure what’s going to happen the next few hours (or long hours), but the Lord is good, the Lord is good!

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We have been praying for a safe delivery. It has been long hours and we are waiting semi patiently.
God bless you as begin a new season of life as parents!

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