80's Movie Month Madness

Ferris Bueller’s Day Off

Ferris Bueller's Day OffI’m not quite sure what to think of this movie. I’ve known the music accompanying the Ferrari scene forever because of the Caramello chocolate-caramel candy bar commercials (and a special video project during college) so it was fun to see the origin of the song. Oooooooooooooh yeahhhhhhhhhhhh…. ch… ch-ch-ka!

Movies nowadays rarely ever have the main protagonist speak directly into the camera, and probably better that way. It was a good device to get into Ferris’ head to know what he’s thinking before he acts. Some of the insights he had of his friends and other people were amusing.

I related to the character Cameron for much of the movie, being uptight about following rules, nervous around the unknown, and constantly monitoring the time. Although I don’t think I would freak out as much as he did, I empathized with him, feeling tension as Ferris kept pushing beyond comfort zones.

We were happy to share the movie experience with friends Jonathan and Sarrah from church. We met them while we attended Beaverton Foursquare’s Alpha course and shared the same small discussion group. And Sarrah is, who I call, a baptism buddy (meaning, we were baptized on the same day). We’ve enjoyed short interchanges passing through church, but it was fun to get a chance to sit down to a meal and movie for a change.

We also moved our final 80’s movie night to Beaverton Rehab center because our dear friend Tracy had ankle surgery that week and stationed their for her recovery. The center had a living room that was a better movie experience visually than watching the movie on my humble 20″ monitor. Plus we had the blessing of Tracy’s delightful company. It was a last minute location switch (props to the Jonathan and Sarrah for being flexible), but it was a great time all together. I believe the nurses there were happy to have people come enjoy themselves at their workplace.

After the movie, Jenni and I hung out with Tracy, reminiscing hanging out late together like old times… before Kadie got fussy and reminded us that we aren’t as young (and free) as we used to be. Ah, trading freedoms.