80's Movie Month Madness

Romancing the Stone

Romancing the StoneI believe I saw this movie on television back in the nineties and thought it was a fun action-adventure. If I recall correctly, my mom saw it and enjoyed it.

Revisiting it now with Jenni was a new experience. Much of the dialog made much more sense now that I have more life experience (for better or worse) and it was fun enjoy the comedic portions with Jennilyn, Leah, and Stacy.

The part of the movie where they escape in a jeep through rugged terrain got the best laughs, as the driver is giving the main characters a tour of his hometown as a terrorist group shoots at them with machine guns. The driver isn’t oblivious, but confident that the jeep is secure and happily shares his childhood memories. It all culminates in a spectacular jump over a creek using a remote-controlled ramp— which angles up perpendicularly after they’ve jumped to stop their pursuers.

Treasure-hunting, romance, comedy, and action—a recipe for a fun evening.