So We Love To Watch Dance

Top 20: David’s Favorites

The first show with the top 20 was quite strong. Most of the couples did well for their first time on stage. I wonder if it’s because these competitors have a sense of what’s coming from watching previous seasons or are better prepared with training. Either way, I’m happy with it since we get to be entertained and inspired.

Here were the top 5 routines of the evening for me.

1. Phillip and Jeanine (Hip Hop)

[flv: 630 473]

I love Napolean and Tabitha’s choreography. I’m glad the first show had at least one number from N&T. Their routines tell great stories, entertain, and have emotional impact.

Adam’s critique intrigued me as he complimented Phillip as being very generous to his partners. It’s a quality I highly admire, and Phillip is definitely my favorite male competitor.

2. Evan and Randi (Jazz)

[flv: 630 473]

I wasn’t sold on Evan’s broadway style—but I liked Evan’s personality from the auditions so I was very happy to see him do well.

His routine with Randi was very romantic. And Evan’s style adapted well. I liked how Evan had a look of adoration rather than lust, especially since Randi is married. I do wonder how her marriage is adjusting to her dancing intimately with other men on national television. And why wasn’t her husband in the audience?

3. Kupono and Ashley (Jazz)

[flv: 630 437]

A very quirky routine, almost as bizarre as some of Mia Michael’s. The dancers surprised me at how well they got into character. They reminded me of Tim Burton stop-motion characters in Corpse Bride. My favorite part was the ending, which was bittersweet as the two crash dummies skip joyfully to their crash.

4. Ade and Melissa (Contemporary)

[flv: 630 437]

To be honest, I’m not a fan of the “Naughty Ballerina” image Melissa is milking, but this routine was powerful and beautiful. I initially chuckled at the song choice since I think Mandy Moore has a tendency for 80’s music it seems. However, it also is one of my dad’s favorite English songs.

5. Jason and Caitlin (Bollywood)

[flv: 630 437]

This one doesn’t quite have the energy of last year’s bollywood routine with Josh and Katee, but I’m a Caitlin fan. I’ll give them props for doing bollywood on the first week and doing it well.

No More Paris

I’m not sad that they cut Tony after the first week but I will miss Paris. I think she has a great personality and I really enjoyed her broken doll audition dance. I understand the show’s need to keep Asuka for dance style variety, but I wished they kept Paris.