So We Love To Watch Dance

Top 20: Jenni’s Favorites

Since I’m not really danceable at present time, I get my kicks watching others strut their stuff. What a strong start for this season of So You Think You Can Dance!

Being that it’s Thursday, now, and we’ve said good bye to two dancers, I’m sad to see that Paris got cut. I really liked her audition piece, and she seems like a neat person to get to know. I agree with David that she is more interesting as a dancer and person than Asuka, but I also think her solo tonight wasn’t super strong. Bummer. Her partner, Tony, was also cut. He was alright – a fun entertainer, but not strong in dance compared to the others. I sort of wanted to see how much he would grow on the show, but I guess we won’t get that chance. Bummer.

On a side note, there’s one person I’m really sad wasn’t in the top 20; not because he wasn’t good enough (he is amazing!) but because he was bound to his contract with the Miami City Ballet Company – Alex Wong.

Here’s some of my favorites from opening night. Some of the routines are more of a tie for me, but here’s my general ranking.

Kupono and Ashley (Jazz)

[flv: 630 437]

I liked the Crash Test Dummies routine the best because the dancers and the costumes and the strange music created another world that I felt I was sucked into. I felt intrigued, mystified, lost into that world. Kupono and Ashley performed flawlessly.

Phillip and Jeanine (Hip Hop)

[flv: 630 473]

I liked Tabitha and Napolean’s portrayal of a couple frustrated with each other but determined to work it out so they don’t go to bed mad at each other. The story itself wasn’t really full of “wow factor” but I enjoyed that Philip moves crazy-amazingly, and that he’s generous to his partner.

Ade and Melissa (Contemporary)

[flv: 630 437]

Melissa is lovely to watch and Ade did a good job of being strong for her. It was very enjoyable the whole way through.

Evan and Randi (Jazz)

[flv: 630 473]

Evan is a classy dancer. I enjoyed his and Randi’s steamy routine inspite of my discomfort at her being married, and doing all this romantic dancing with someone other than hubby. But what an honorable guy to be partnered with – Evan. That’s my impression anyway.

Max and Kayla (Samba)

[flv: 630 473]

I’m super impressed at the power of Max in Latin. I’d really like to see him and Janette do some Latin together. That would be awesome. Kayla did a nice job considering she’s not ballroom.

Jason and Caitlin (Bollywood)

[flv: 630 437]

The Bollywood routine was nice. I almost wanted more use of floor with more leaping rather than the pulsing walks – albeit cool hand, arm, leg, feet choreography! Caitlin is strong and fun to watch.

Brandon and Janette (Fox Trot)

[flv: 630 437]

I liked the fox trot with the swan lift that lifted even higher off Brandon’s shoulders and flew around. Awesome. Usually this dance is the “kiss of death” for couples, but Brandon and Janette looked polished and confident – comfortable to watch versus anxious of whether or not they could pull it off.