So We Love To Watch Dance

Top 14: David’s Thoughts

I’m glad this season has picked up after two lackluster episodes in a row. There were some very strong performances from the top 14 dancers, including a few surprises.

Ade and Melissa’s Pas de Deux

This piece was beautiful through and through. I enjoyed the classical music and the ballet to paint the music’s mood. It’s almost rigged that Ade and Melissa get the pas de deux, but I wouldn’t want any other couple doing it.

[flv: 630 437]

Phillip and Jeanine’s Hip Hop

A strong hip hop routine with a chain prop hit hard and fast. I give props to them to making through the entire routine without the chain tripping them up or tangling. I’m glad for Phillip that he got hip hop this week, but I’m starting to think he might not make it outside of hip hop.

[flv: 630 437]

Brandon and Janette’s Cha Cha

Surprisingly strong in technique and performance. Though I’m not invested in either of these two dancers, kudos to them for a very entertaining and sharp cha cha.

[flv: 630 437]

Vitolio and Karla’s Quick Step – The Surprise of the Week

Before the commercial break, they announced that Vitolio and Karla would be ending the show with the show’s dance of death: the quickstep. I cringed at the thought. I’ve lost hope for Vitolio, he’s not interesting enough for me and he hasn’t been able to hold up to the show’s standards. In a new partnership with Karla, I assumed doom for their quickstep.

However, with one quick slick costume change early in the routine, the whole outlook of the dance took a turn for the better and their quickstep actually held up quite well.

[flv: 630 437]

And Then There Were Twelve

I’m not surprised at Vitolio and Karla being voted off. Neither of them have really captured the hearts of America and they’ve been in the bottom 3 too many weeks. I’m very surprised that Jason and Caitlin didn’t get into the bottom three since they had such a weird routine.

Phillip’s solo was a bit off, but worth keeping him in. Jeanine has been growing on me, she has a quiet strength to her like Ade. It was sad seeing Kayla cry, but she needs to get her solo together if she wants to survive another round in the bottom three.