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Top 16: David’s Thoughts

After last week’s underwhelming episode and resulting the loss of Max and Ashley, I wasn’t as excited this week for So You Think You Can Dance. Unlike last season, I’m not attached to anyone much anymore, despite my initial pick of Caitlin. Tonight’s episode had some good dances, but nothing as explosive as the first show of the season.

Ade and Melissa’s Rumba

Ade and Melissa continue to surprise and impress me. While I wasn’t fans at first, they are coming out quite strong. So far, they’ve hit the mark on all the routines they’ve been given. This week’s rumba continues their streak.

[flv: 630 437]

Evan and Randi’s Contemporary “Butt” Dance

Evan and Randi are another couple that work hard and they’ve had some great routines. This week’s Mia Michael’s routine was pretty simple and it worked for me. I thought it was a fun routine.

[flv: 630 437]

Kupono and Kayla’s Viennese Waltz

I agree with the judges that many of Kupono’s movements are too feminine for my liking, but he and Kayla did a beautiful waltz. Kayla stole the routine with her smile and lines. I’m not a huge fan of Kayla, but she was the highlight of this routine.

[flv: 630 437]

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Melissa is totally my favorite although I don’t think she’ll end up winning. I thought their Rumba was awesome. Everybody else kind of fell into an indifferent category for me this week. It’s strange that they pretty much all started out so strong but haven’t lived up to that first week.

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