Clearing the Cache

I Love You Three Thousand

One of my favorite lines from Avengers Endgame. It adds a specificity to how much Tony Stark and his daughter, Morgan, love each other. And so, I’ll list a few reasons (of three thousand) why I love my kids.


I hope to be able to keep up with your thirst to learn. You have such a vast library of knowledge in your head that I know you’ll put to good use in your life. I chuckle every time you reveal some in-depth trivia from one of the million books you’ve read.

Even more amazing is the tenderness of your heart. You got your mother’s heart. You care for people so deeply that God will bless many people through you. 


When you were a baby, the way you sucked your thumb and stuck a finger in your ear made me think you were constantly having secret communications. I now wonder if you have built-in noise-cancellation headphones because of how deeply you can focus on your goals.

I hope that you will continue to cultivate your creativity so that you can gift the world with your imagination. You must have amazing stories to tell that are marinating in your mind.


You are an awesome copilot to our video game and biking adventures. You are ever helpful in giving advice beside me and working through multiple strategies. You persevere through obstacles as challenges rather than dead ends.

I admire your fearless appetite for fun and food. I chuckle when you cheer for your favorite lunch packed for school. I marvel at your creative ways to play with everyday objects. Your LEGO creations have gotten more sophisticated as you blend inspiration from different places.