The Perfect Father’s Day

I’ve heard of wives who let their husbands have a day to themselves, but Jenni flipped the idea for Father’s Day. She organized a family bike ride and a gaming party with my kids.

After we listened to church virtually, I played Tetris with our bikes and scooters inside our van. When Jenni first shared the idea going somewhere to bike, I dismissed the idea because I have a hard time fitting my own bike into our van. How could it possibly fit four bikes and a scooter?

And as many of Jenni’s seemingly impossible ideas, it was possible. I had to fold down seats, armrests, and dividers to fit everything in the van. It’s not a long-term solution since there are handlebars between the front seats and Kadie had to climb over the back seat to get in. I’ll be investigating bike racks in the near future.

We parked near the Tillikum Crossing bridge and headed south down the Springwater Corridor. We stopped a few times to enjoy the view before going over the Sellwood Bridge.

Jack and I have done a similar loop a few times, so I was able to recall the landmarks he used to stay on course. I was very impressed how well the kids kept up and enjoyed the ride.

Not sure what happened to the GPS near Westmoreland.

We drove over to my parents house afterwards to see my father. Jack surprised us with a visit and it was great to hang out in their front yard.

Then, when we got home, we set up five desktop computers in our living room for a LAN party. Our family of five each got a computer to play Heroes of the Storm and we fought against computer-controlled opponents until bedtime.

One last touch, Jenni helped me with a LEGO photography idea to commemorate Father’s Day.

Like Avengers: Endgame, this photo project was the perfect end.