Clearing the Cache

Beat Saber Mixed Reality Test

After we got the Quest 2 VR headset and started playing Beat Saber, I found YouTube videos of gamers who not only played it like a dance, but inserted themselves into the virtual reality game. What amazed me more was the software required to do so was available for free.

All of the pieces needed were not free but I had most of it from photography or working from home.

  • Meta Quest 2 VR headset
  • Beat Saber game on Steam
  • USB C long cable to connect the Quest 2 to a computer
  • Computer with a GTX 1070 graphics card
  • Web camera
  • Photography backdrop
  • 10′ x 12′ green screen
  • LIV software
  • OBS software to record gameplay

The free software I used for mixed reality is called LIV. It takes a bit of set up and requires calibration each time the camera is moved.

Most tutorials I watched recommended lights to provide the best chroma keying from the green screen, but the LIV software exceeded my expectations with just the ambient light in our living room.

I’m hoping to get mixed reality working for Super Hot VR so I can imagine myself like Neo from the Matrix.

Here are two videos from the YouTuber Otterworldly, who plays Beat Saber like a beautiful dance.