Clearing the Cache

Marvel at OMSI

As big fans of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and I grew up reading Spider-Man comics, we took our first opportunity to see OMSI’s latest featured exhibit. It covered a lot of the history of Marvel as a comic book company before becoming the movie and television juggernaut that it is now.

The exhibit, from the Museum of Pop Culture (MoPop) in Seattle, showcased a vast cast of characters throughout Marvel’s history.

There were themed areas around the Avengers, cosmic entities, supernatural, and street-level superheroes. The coolest displays included:

  • Authentic costumes from the movies
  • Walking through the mirror dimension for Dr. Strange
  • Watching the wallpaper change in the Scarlet Witch’s house
  • Three suits from Iron Man’s hall of armor

Though most of the exhibit is dedicated to the comics more than the movies, getting a glimpse into the Marvel creative origins and process was a treat.