Portland Bridge Pedal 2023

There was one route I had not rode yet for the Portland Bridge Pedal—the longest one—the Fremont Express. In 2018, I walked 5 miles for the Bridge Stride, biked the 12-mile family route in 2019, caravanned with Jake for the 20-mile main route in 2021, and added a bubble machine and Bruce for 2022’s family route.

This year, I completed all of the routes with the 23-mile Fremont Express.

The upside and downside of the Fremont Express route is being on top of the Fremont Bridge at sunrise. I wake up early most days, but 5 A.M. is earlier than usual. Thankfully, the view of sunrise from the Fremont was the reward.

My goal was not to best my previous efforts. Contrary, to slow down and take more photos and videos during the ride.

The bubble machine was a big hit last year so I repeated the tradition. I was happy to hear so many people excited to have bubbles float into their path, kids and adults alike.