Clearing the Cache

Crossing the 99-Day Parallel

Married for 99 days!Today is one day short of a milestone 100 days of us being married. I’m sure as time goes on, the number of days will not be as exciting after the number gets too big, but we’ll enjoy the “newness” of it for a while longer. The picture was actually taken on January 13, 2005 when it was 99 days until we got married, so it’s nice to reflect from the other side of the wedding day.

Jenni told me on a drive home from the park tonight that she loves that she gets to share life with me. More than just talk about experiences, dreams, and hopes, but striving, experiencing, and celebrating life together. I couldn’t agree more. We bought our first car last Saturday together and we’re pretty happy with it. Just like life, it has a few bugs, but with some debugging, we’ll get it operating well.

Also we’re launching a new look for our web site. I’ve been wanting to develop a web site using several of the new ideas from redesigning my work web site. The primary enhancements are more for my own learning, but it also provides a channel for Jenni to communicate on our web site too. I’m looking forward to reading what Jenni writes.

For those geeky in nature or interested in web technologies, here’s a quick rundown:

  • Valid XHTML and CSS. Working toward web standards have been a big goal of mine, but also a big source of frustration. I’m old-school in doing layout with tables so I had unlearn those old habits and learn some new tricks. Using web standards allows me to work toward the model of separating content from presentation.
  • WordPress Publishing System. I’ve wanted a blog for over a year. I actually created one on Google’s Blogger, but I felt it was too limiting. WordPress is one of the best blogging systems available. It’s open-source, very modular, and great documentation. It has forced me to adjust how I approach working with my site, but I think it allows our site to be ready for the future. Its template system allows me to swap in a new layout quickly when the time is right. Also, it’s been great hearing people enjoying learning about us from our web site during our wedding month. So now with a full-blown blog, we can receive comments too!
  • Content is King. Now that both Jenni and I will be writing to our web site, hopefully that’ll mean we’ll have more interesting things to look at when people visit. We enjoy sharing about what God’s doing in our lives and we’re looking forward to reading the comments people write.

So here’s to 99 days and many more days to come. Happy reading everybody!

Picture This

Jenni’s Red Shoes

Jenni's Red ShoesI smile when I see Jenni wear her red tennis shoes. Not only is red my favorite color, but they’re vivid and eye-catching. When I’m doing photography, it always seems that the red shoes are photogenic.

The top picture was taken in her brother Rex’s apartment after we finished taking our “Save the Day” pictures for our wedding.

Next, in her wedding dress at our reception, she had the red shoes on because they were more comfortable to walk in, but no one knew because her dress flowed over them. Regardless, she wasn’t ashamed to show them to the wedding photographer.

At the Portland zoo for my company picnic, I asked her to get into the photo booth so I could get a picture of her shoes. I think throughout this blog I’ll have a random post about her red shoes from time to time.

The bottom picture was at Long Beach when we visited Oysterville. I liked the story of the picture, it’s like watching a close one leaving you behind and moving on.

Stay tuned… the red shoes will be back!

Dance From the Center

Portland Dance Festival

Ah… dance conventions. To all those who have experienced one, those two words will bring a fair share of memories. Where else are you going to learn about dance all day, socialize with friends, compete, dance until 5am when the ballroom closes, and then wake up at 8am to do it all again for a couple more days?

Clearing the Cache

Relaxing in Oysterville

Hope everyone had a great Fourth of July weekend. Jenni and I spent it catching up with Clark and Mary at Oysterville. I have to confess that I’m always a little leery of the 2.5 hour drive. Yes, I know, it’s not much, but it’s still 2.5 hours on my behind staring at the world coming at me. But when I get to Oysterville, it’s all worth it.

It’s so relaxing to be away from the city and just be with nature. I enjoy the small beach house that Clark’s family owns because it’s cozy enough for everyone to gather around and talk but big enough for a sizeable party.

At any rate, it was a great weekend of enjoying the gorgeous weather, fellowship, photography, and loads of junk food. The stay is never long enough, but a great time to reflect on life when there’s nothing else around but peace.

Oh yeah, the drive doesn’t bother me anymore now that I have an awesome copilot I’m married to who reads me Chronicles of Narnia or dreams with me about dance, dance, and more dance!

Clearing the Cache

Wedding Photos

Thanks to Jerry Hart, we have 1615 pictures from our wedding. Luckily, Jenni and I managed to cut it down to just under a 300 for your viewing enjoyment. It was such a great party! We are so happy that so many people were able to come celebrate. If you got any fun stories to share from that day, please let us know!

Married life is awesome. Things are going very well and we look forward to years and years growing together in Christ.

Clearing the Cache

Honeymoon in Maui

What an incredible honeymoon. Thanks to everyone who suggested Maui. It was gorgeous weather, relaxing scenery, and of course, my best friend as company. It was paradise. We had our fair share of adventures and we have a few to share through pictures!

Go to our photos to see our Maui honeymoon!

Clearing the Cache

Valentine’s Day

Valentine's Day and AnniversaryIt’s hard to believe that Jennilyn and I have only been courting each other for a year. We’ve liked each other a little longer than that, but not much more. It’s exciting that so much blessing can come of one year.

We had a great anniversary on Valentine’s Day. The Portland Steak & Chophouse was packed so we had reservations at 9:15pm. It was fine at that hour, we enjoyed a more comfortable setting as people left and we were able to snap some great pictures. I’m lucky to have a girl who’s patient as I set up shots =)

February is half over now! The wedding isn’t far off… more to do!

Daily Rice and Chicken

It All Started With a Dip

Cake TopperJennilyn found a cake topper that brings out the fun, security, and closeness of our relationship. Here’s our history with “dips.”

I remember not dancing very well with Jennilyn the first few times, I felt that we didn’t connect. But at Portland Dance Festival 2003, Jennilyn and I found our connection. We had wonderful dances and at the end of the night, I spun her in for a dip. I looked into her eyes and I was caught off guard that I didn’t look away shyly like I usually do. I kept on looking.

One of my favorite photographs of Jennilyn and I was taken by Clark and it was a dip. We both look very happy to close. It’s special to me because I love how Jennilyn smiles, and that picture captures her essence.

Clearing the Cache

Happy Halloween!

David and Jennilyn's Masquerade CostumesAh Halloween, the one day a year that people fund dentists their job securities dress up in costumes and pretend to be someone—or something— else. I’ve never been much for costumes, except when I was young because it meant I got free candy. As I grew older, I couldn’t go trick-and-treating unless I got dirty looks from people, so the costumes lost their appeal to me. But being married to Jennilyn comes with a young-at-heart spirit, so here I am getting in costume with Jenni at the Portland Swing Dance Club masquerade dance.

In celebrating our six month anniversary, we went to the dance at Norse Hall in our bride and groom attire, with some masks to hide our identities. Our friends in the dance community smiled and were very happy for our celebration.

Halloween this year is anti-climatic, but I’m not troubled by it at all. Jenni and I have had a long weekend bouncing around so we look forward to a quiet, peaceful Halloween where maybe some neighborhood kids from our apartment complex will visit us for treats—like carrots and celery.

Clearing the Cache

Photos Up!

SmileyDid a quick update to put our photos online. Had a great time this past weekend hanging out with Jennilyn for almost four days straight. Nothing better to end the visit than pumpkin carving. She was kind enough to give me a slimy handshake while we carved. This is the best pumpkin I’ve messed with. Funny faces…